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What are the benefits of short term rentals ?


Make to most of being absent. Did you know that the general income of a short term rental is on average 1,5 to 3 times higher than a regular monthly rental?



What does BnBetter service entail ?

Your home is taken care of and put on short term location platform. Follow up is guaranteed.



Do I need to subscribe to BnBetter to use its services ?


Of course not. There are no fixed costs and commission is only taken when your property is rented. There are no binding offers and you are free to end collaboration whenever you like.



How do you select guests ?


We screen guests using specific criteria, which are defined together beforehand.



Do I need to provide any bed linen ?


No, Bnbetter takes care it. Indeed, not only do we provide cotton sheets, but also both towels and kitchen tea towels.



What is your cancellation policy ?


All inclusive service : you can end up the partnership whenever you like as long as there are no reservations pre-booked.


A la carte service : you can cancel 24 hours before free of charges. 


Where is BnBetter based ?


At the moment we are based in Belgium and more specifically in Brussels. Other Belgian locations are easily accessible so, please do not hesitate to contact us.



In case of any damage, is my home insured ?


Yes, thanks to airbnb and their host insurance. You will be covered for up to 800.000€ ( Moreover, for smaller damages a security deposit is taken.

How is BnBetter paid ?


A commission of 25% is taken on the  total amount of your reservation (before the airbnb fees) and cleaning charges are taken as well.



What are the Airbnb fees ?


Airbnb takes a fee of between 3% and 5% from the host each time a reservation is made.

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